On the day of my marriage…

I always envisioned my wedding like the ones most people have. A gown, a bridal party, hair and make up all done for me. Too much happy crying and hugging and all of that. I always dreamed of the moment I would walk down the aisle, my dad by my side, toward the man who choose me. I dreamt of guests and favors and cake. Even the music we would play.

Today I got married to my best friend and the father of my three children.

It’s leap year (leap day, really), so we only need to celebrate this once every four years. Officially. We plan on taking whatever money we would have spent on anniversaries and save it to go on a special trip every four years. This is kind of a joke because it is very unlikely to happen in reality but it’s nice to pretend.

So today started like any other day. I woke up cranky from lack of sleep. We didn’t even have coffee. I had to grocery shop, the kids were already cranky, and I was hungry. Our house was a disaster because we were busy all weekend. I swept the floors, made Gannon breakfast, nursed Egan 100 times, pouted a lot, did some dishes, had my own breakfast with tea (Paul tried, he did), then left to go get some groceries. I came home and the breakfast dishes were still in the sink so I decided to be cranky with Paul. I didn’t talk to him for most of the day. Irrational, I know. I folded three loads of laundry and left his clothes on the dryer instead of putting them away because sometimes I’m petty.

Waverly went down for her nap and I wrote him a letter which made me feel better. I made him lunch. He cleaned the stove and scrubbed the counters so they are shiny copper again. I was even able to take a shower. The sun started shining. Things turned around.

Today was nothing like I imagined. Today was nothing I had dreamed of or hoped for in all the thoughts I’ve had of a wedding. Today was imperfect by all standards of a wedding day but it was so perfect for us.

We were married in our living room, almost in the same spot he proposed three years ago. Egan was sleeping in his swing while Gannon and Waverly fought over the ring box and jumped from the couch to the trampoline and back again. I laughed a lot. Paul wore his best beat up pants and a motocross shirt and I had on my new yoga pants with a turquoise tee. No make up. My hair hasn’t been cut since September and is a hot mess. Ten minutes and done. We were married.

I got married today. It was not my dream. It was not my expectation. It wasn’t what I visioned. It was better. Perfect in its simplicity. Just me and my favorite person and our three babies. I am one very lucky in love lady.

Thank you for choosing me over and over again. I will love you all of my days.


4 thoughts on “On the day of my marriage…

  1. I’m so happy for the both of you, that’s just amazing. And honestly when I seen your post, I was all confused cuz, I thought you two were already married. So congratulations again. Love you both , beautiful story, and real. Xoxoxoxoxo ♡♡♡

    1. I am so very happy for you congrats to you both and the wedding just fits you, wishing you both lifelong happiness together. Love to all of you

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