The dreaded playroom


Back when we moved all of our beds upstairs our bedroom downstairs turned into the playroom…We had SO MUCH SHIT. It was all in the living room. It was in the dining room. It was on the tables and in the cabinets and…wait, is that a car on the ceiling?! Seriously though. Everywhere. There were books and blocks and cars and teddy bears and books and more books and hundreds of cars. Everywhere. So that brings me back to the playroom.

The playroom was great because we didn’t have to clean it every single time they made a mess because we didn’t have to walk through it. But then. But THEN.

Waverly got a tee pee for he birthday. We set it up in the living room. Those tiny humans transfered the entire contents of the playroom into the fucking tee pee.


I shit you not. It stayed in there a few days. Then it happened. The tee pee full of the contents of the playroom became a disaster on the living room floor. I hastily moved it back to the playroom with every intention of organizing it back to its original playroom state. But all of the baskets that housed these things? Broken. Why? Because toddlers like to stand on shit. To reach the shit we don’t want them to reach.

So this, my friends, was the playroom.


Instant stress anyone? That picture makes. Me. Sweat.

It was like this for almost an entire week. I was overwhelmed by the amount of shit. They are kids. Who needs this much?! NOBODY.

Yesterday we made a trip to our most hated store with operation organization in mind. Two units with eight cubbies each, eight cubes, and a couple of rugs later I was determined to have that room cleaned. Of COURSE the kids had different plans. I ended up needing to wait until well after bedtime. BUT I DID IT.



That is a floor. And I only threw away a few things. It still needs some more work because look at those cubes all weird with the pattern to solid ratio. That’s going to be a tough one.

This is also a friendly reminder that when we ask that you don’t buy our kids a goddamn thing for their birthday or Christmas or whatever, we mean it. Do Not Buy A Thing.


In conclusion… playrooms are amazing for many things. Sometimes I am just too tired to clean up after my human tornados. I don’t have to look at it since it is not in our main living area which is nice. But don’t be like me. Never let the mess get that far. And if you ever decide to start something as stupid as buying a Hot Wheels car every grocery trip you deserve that mess as much as I do. Especially when the owner of them isn’t quite 4. And has no concept of how to dig through a container to find the car he is looking for. And dumps them. All over the floor. When there are probably 200 of them? This is a slight problem.

Good luck to those of you who struggle with this overload of toys too. I’ll let you all know how long they stay organized. I give it a few hours.

3 thoughts on “The dreaded playroom

  1. I can’t wait until I can use our basement for a playroom! We have WAY too many toys, too! And, like you did, I have them in the family room, the living room, the dining room, and kitchen…

      1. I completely agree. With 6 kids and a grandson at home, clutter happens fast! It makes me overwhelmed and crazy, too! I’m getting better about tackling it faster, though 😉

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