A Naptime Tale. Or Nightmare. Whatever.

So. We are those weird people who choose to sleep close to our children and bedshare. Our room has a queen size bed, a full size bed, and a twin size bed that is actually a super awesome truck that was a hand me down from my brother in law. The queen rarely gets used and Paul usually sleeps in the full with Gannon and Waverly while I spend most nights on the couch with Egan nearby in the swing or on my chest. Someday soon I will move upstairs with the rest of the family but Egan is still a little too disruptive for them.


It is amazing in so many ways. Whenever the kids need us we are right there. Our kids are major cuddlers. They prefer to be on top of us or in fetal position as close as possible while they sleep. Sometimes we are rewarded with a sweet little arm lying across our bellies. “I love you” can often be heard from the sweetest little people at the strangest times before they roll over and fall back asleep.

Bedsharing has definite downsides too. They can become frightened when they wake up alone. They take up a lot of freaking room for being such small creatures. Sometimes there’s a foot to the face or a direct hit to the nose with a head. Bedtime can sometimes be tricky. But the biggest downside I have found is nap time.

Before weaning, my kids happily drift off on the boob. After weaning, it takes some kind of insane shit to make it happen. The thing I found that worked best for getting my kids to nap is to hold them and sway them while listening to music. Sometimes they get Zumba moves. Sometimes they barely get a bounce. Sometimes I give up and they don’t get a nap because I can only do that shit for so long before my spine turns to dust.

Naptime. So Gannon stopped taking naps probably less than six months after Waverly was born. It was fine because really the routine of getting him down for a nap was getting long and ridiculous. Waverly still naps, most days, but it’s a process since weaning her. It’s not her lack of cooperation usually, it’s the loud crying that seems to coincide with her exhaustion. The crying coming from Egan stresses me out to no end during my Zumba performance in the kitchen. Actually, Waverly prefers the perfect blend of bounce and sway with no singing on my part and if I change the rhythm even slightly it starts over again. Exhausting.

So today I felt compelled to write about this because it was probably one of the worst yet. I realize this is a choice I have made. I would actually love to stick them in a room and let them fall asleep but we still have no doors in this house so that is not a option. We also haven’t used a crib since before Waverly was born so we don’t have that going on either. I despise the cry it out method so those probably wouldn’t be an option anyway. Holding and dancing seems to work best.

So. Today. Egan has been so good and hasn’t had many days of crying nonstop so I guess today I had it coming. You only get so many good days in a row with a newish baby. Waverly was sick yesterday and I needed to make sure she got rest and man, her eyes could not have been more red. She was beat. Worn out. Ready for some fucking sleep. I tried everything to get Egan settled first but each time I set him down it resulted in crying. Into the bouncy seat he went. The three of us were in the kitchen with the sound of rainfall coming from the Bose. Waverly put her head on my shoulder immediately which she only does when she is spent. Egan cried and cried but he wasn’t so ramped up that it was affecting her yet. So I started fluttering my fingers around in a circle while bouncing him in his seat with one leg and bouncing Waverly while swaying slightly. This got his attention and he stopped crying. She didn’t fall asleep before he got bored with that. Luckily my children think tissues are fun and have forgotten where the garbage is located so there was one slightly used tissue on the counter. I saw opportunity in that rag of snot. I waved it around and around. Made it flutter. Made it float. And damnit did it work. Egan watched every movement. He stared wide eyed. He did not cry. I fluttered and waved and bounced and swayed to the sound of the rain and I felt her get heavy and her breathing change and THANK JESUS SHE FELL ASLEEP.


I will need a spine replacement by next year.

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