Gentle Reminder

Maybe it is my lack of time to myself. Maybe it is the lack of quiet and down time in my home. Maybe the headaches have been making it more difficult to cope. But always I’m given a day that I remember why I love being a mother and it’s these days that refuel my strength. Watching Gannon help their Grampa plant pumpkin seeds reminds me of how much he loves the things we have exposed him to. And hearing their Nuna laugh at Waverly reminds me of how funny our little girl is. Getting through a hard time with Gannon because he was overtired reminds me of how much he needs me still and shows me how being present in those moments can calm him. Sitting on the couch with Waverly while Gannon sleeps provides us with time needed to connect again; To laugh, to cuddle, and to be mother and daughter. And Egan, nursing because he’s hungry, sleeping on my shoulder, laughing when I smile at him reminds me that I am loved. I’ve been quite negative and I truly appreciate the support through the difficult days. It’s more than taking a break. It’s being reminded of what the purpose of my life is.

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