Sleep deprivation is an asshole

Well, it’s hit me. I can tell because when 6:00 comes around I want all of the children sleeping and anyone crying makes my skin crawl. I want to jump up and down tantrum-like and scream.

We didn’t get any definitive answers regarding Waverly’s cough today though I guess going into her appointment feeling that would be the outcome helped me deal a little better. She may have acid reflux. She may have a sinus infection. She may have allergies. She may stop coughing before she becomes and adult but nobody can say for sure. She has an awful case of eczema on her backside that we need to get control of. At least we left with a prescription for antibiotics and an X-ray of her belly to see if there’s anything in there causing issues. So fingers crossed, we receive some answers.

I don’t do well when I haven’t slept. I love my kids and I love my husband but can they all just go away until this is all figured out? We would all be better off. I am cruel and snappy and angry. I can’t help these things. I hate myself for being cruel and snappy and angry as soon as I am one or all of them. I just need sleep. And the thing is when you need sleep but you’ve had multiple nights of no sleep your body pretends like it forgot how to sleep.

Thanks for being here. Happy wintering. (Is that shit over yet?)

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