To my Husband

Four years ago today you asked me to marry you. We were in our shell of a house, Gannon bundled up tight, asleep on a blanket on the subfloor in front of the pellet stove, nine months old. You were working hard on our home. I was working hard on learning to be a mom and learning how to live with people I barely knew.

You told me you would be right back, you needed to get something from your dad’s garage. I knew it was going to happen. This feeling came over me I had never felt before. When you came back with a bunch of random items I knew I was right. You had this funny look on your face. It seemed nervous but almost smug. I think it was happiness.

You got down on one knee in front of where our stairs end today. Of course I said “yes” as if there was any other answer in the world.

One year ago at the end of this month we were wed. Two more babies later. A lifetime of dreams. We got married in our living room, in the same spot you asked me to be your bride, the day after our middle child turned two years old.

I love our life. You have made sure of that. You put my needs above yours. You provide for our family. You work hard and at the end of the day you work even more to be the wonderful father you are. You always come in the door smiling. You show us you love us in countless ways.

More mornings than not, you wake with whatever child is up first. You make coffee. You feed all of the kids. You feed me. You do so much in the time from the start of your day until you leave for work. And you work to come home to keep it going until it is bedtime. You recognize the importance of my self care and make sure I have time for myself.

You are incredible and I have no words to thank you properly. But thank you for loving me, for loving our family, for being beside me on the hard days and getting me through my times of darkness. Thank you for being the first person to truly believe in me and all that I have to offer. For your patience. Your dedication.

It has been a wonderful ride and I am looking forward to every day with you. Even the tough ones. Even the ugly ones. Because our good days? Our good days are damn good and I would not trade those for anything in the world. I’m grateful for being the one to see your smile, to hold your hand, to sit on the couch opposite you and stare at the TV. I am grateful for your laugh and your ability to find mine. You have no idea your worth to me.

I love you, dear husband, mountain man, Bo, Moll, Paul, more than you will ever, ever know.


Your wife.


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