What season is it?

I’m confused about the weather though I know it’s because our poor Earth is suffering human created trauma. But damnit, I have been loving the time we’ve been able to spend outside. There’s something about the way the air smells when the world is thawing. I saw a bee today. A BEE. In February. I know this is not okay but yet I felt so much hope. We are also on the receiving end of quite the storm as I sit here tonight. The rain is pounding my windows, the wind has most definitely relocated my garbage can, and there’s a dog trying to climb into my lap. The sound of the storm outside and the quiet and stillness inside, with the exception of the snoring child on my shoulder, is eerily calming.

When I was much younger I remember sitting on the front porches of the houses I lived in and watching a storm like this. The rain would splatter my feet as I’d enjoy the show. The thunder sometimes would frighten me with its proximity, a roar through the sky so loud I could feel it in my bones. The lightening was always fascinating. When it was just rain quite a few of us could be found stomping through puddles and throwing mud at one another. After one particularly messy mud fight I remember my mom making me dress down to my underwear on our back porch because I was so filthy. Clearly it was a mud battle for remembering.

Each year when the temperatures rise enough to open a few windows my mind brings me back to many moments throughout my life. One flashback is from my first apartment. I am sitting at my table, writing in my journal, the crisp air coming through the window next to me. There are flowers in a vase in front of me. That’s it. That’s the memory but it’s something about that air that brings me back every time.

So many memories are brought on by certain smells and I find this happens most often during weather like we’ve had this week. I will always love when winter turns to spring because of the memories I am filled with.

I love it for new reasons and the greatest of those is getting out of the house with the three kids I’ve been stuck inside with for the better part of three months. They happen to also love mud and puddles.

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