New changes!

So. I am feeling excited about something new.

I have created a Facebook page to go along with this blog. I hope you’ll join me (you can find it right in this page!). I’ll be sharing my blog, of course, and also other things I see that pertain to parenting or gardening or cute puppies or educational videos or whatever I think others may fancy. It will be a place for parents to join together on this journey through the years. I will be posting ideas I see for crafts and MAY EVEN DO THEM and share that too. It will be fun and supportive.

It is a page for gentle parenting and encouragement when we have a challenging day. It’s for reminders of strength. For reminders of hopes. Dreams. For community.

Change is good. Sometimes it doesn’t feel good. Sometimes it’s scary. Sometimes we avoid it at all costs for the sake of our comfort.

I’m ready to go beyond my fear and worry and comfort.

For those of you who read and have liked my posts here and are happy to stay here? Please do so. Nothing will change on this front. And thank you, for being here already. My first followers. I see you, your likes, your comments, your support. I appreciate you!

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