Music Performances and Little Humans

There is a concert that I wanted to attend tonight. It is about five minutes away from our house. I hesitated and hesitated about buying tickets until it was today, the day of the concert, and I realized, sadly, I wouldn’t be going after all.

Initially we thought we would all go. The kids would love it, or so I tried desperately to convince myself. Most likely they would have loved it, every second of it, if it had occurred earlier in the day. I want them to hear the music. To love music. I want to bring them to shows. But I’m not sure I can sacrifice bedtime to do it.

I know adults need time to do things without children. I know adults tend to look at parents with a crying baby in an “adult setting” with those eyes, that judgement. I get it. I don’t want my baby to be crying either. I want to enjoy a meal, a night out, something adult like. But I also want to share many experiences with my children.

This concert was something I was very excited about. I had thought maybe I would just bring one of my kids, it could be a date, but in the end I decided not to. Someday they will be older and enjoying things that are later in the day will be simpler.

So this brings up a question for me. Honestly, I understand that people can’t do these things in the middle of the day, nor would they want to, but why is that? Why do all of these interesting and fun events have to happen at an hour even I am not comfortable with anymore? Why do all the kids musicians seem to be the only ones who can perform in the middle of the day? Can we please get some good concerts for the little people of our lives? Some diversified talent? I want it for them so badly, for me, for all of us. It is such an important part of our lives. I want them to see instruments in action, the way a band plays these amazing melodies and how when a voice, joining in, can make goosebumps appear and eyes water. I want them to feel it.

Maybe they wouldn’t feel it like I feel it, but I want them to have the opportunity to. I’m not taking away anything from some of the amazing children artists there are out there, I just want more options. I want talent that will inspire a passion.

Day concerts could be the next day drinking, no?

I realize this is slightly whiny and the world can’t revolve around kids with early bedtimes and there adults who have schedules to meet and other things to do. I think it would be a fun offering. I’m not talking music at a farmer’s market (though we really enjoy that) or a festival of sorts. I’m talking buying tickets to see a specific artist in the afternoon. Go to dinner following the performance and discuss all that we saw.

It is a dream, I realize, that I may be alone in. We don’t really go on dates around here. We like to do things as a family. It is important to us to spend time with our children while they are still young, especially.

So what do you think? Day concerts? Yes? YES?!!

Okay, I’ll keep dreaming.



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