Stormy Day

We went outside when I received a text message with a picture of a nest of eggs. My father in law came across them when he was weed whacking. We went to investigate. Paul counts the chickens each night when he closes up the coop and there has been one hen unaccounted for at night but she is out and wandering around in the morning. He isn’t sure where she is roosting but this nest seemed to give us a clue.

The kids held the eggs. They played with the eggs. One egg met the driveway in a splatter. Another egg fell to the floor of the garage. They decided to “cook” eggs in their play kitchen. Gannon carried an egg on a Mule ride and Waverly had hers in a food storage container. Eventually they all cracked whether on purpose or accidentally. Normally we wouldn’t allow them to waste such precious nutrients but we weren’t sure how long the eggs had been there and probably wouldn’t have eaten them anyway.

It started sprinkling while we were out and Egan became restless and cranky so I knew it was time to move it inside. Once Egan fell asleep, the three of us relaxed together. Waverly watched TV while Gannon played a new game on his Kindle. I sat between them and read a book. It was quiet and calm, something out of the ordinary on most days.

Once Egan woke up, we went back outside to “hunt” for dinosaurs. There were many cumulonimbus clouds lurking overhead. I wished I had brought out my phone so I could have captured them. They were huge and bright and beautiful. I hoped it would rain before the thunder and lightening began. We had a Fudgsicle at Nuna’s and played for a while more outside. The thunder and lightening came before the rain and with it my hopes of playing in it.

We were barely inside before the skies opened and the rain started pouring down. Waverly enjoyed watching the storm from the window but was a little afraid of the thunder. The rain was hitting our windows so that the screens were soaked and difficult to see through. She didn’t mind, she just moved to a spot she could see through more clearly.


Once the storm passed, Waverly, Egan, and I headed back outside to jump in the puddles. It is so therapeutic, the sopping earth underneath my feet. Waverly brought out her doll so she, too, could puddle jump. This was still a fairly new experience for Egan so he observed for a minute before joining us. He was delighted by the fresh rain water splashing up as he stomped his chubby toddler foot down.


This turned to mud play rather quickly when I pointed out how soft the mud was near the house. Waverly soon was covered up to her knees and Egan had a few slips which resulted in a muddy behind. They enjoy playing in the mud more than most things. I am so happy that I can allow them this simple pleasure. Their pool was still inflated from last week and not very clean for swimming so I took off their clothes, stuck them in the pool, and rinsed them off before we headed back inside, thunder booming once again in the background.

I realized, as I looked at the clock around 4:00, I hadn’t wished today away. I had enjoyed all of the moments the day brought to me. I laughed with the kids, I read every book Egan requested, we played in mud. We sat together and connected while doing separate things we enjoyed. We were together today.

I kept the lights off even as the sky darkened and it was difficult to see in our house, as another piece of the storm rolled through. We were relaxed, calm, content. The four of us, awaiting the arrival of our fifth after his long day at work. Stormy days may not be so bad after all. Sometimes, they can be just what we need.

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