I’ll always hold you. 

Two days in a row you’ve only napped for a short period of time before waking again.

I hear your cry, I go to you. I pick you up. You settle your head on my shoulder.

You fall back asleep. But I can’t put you down. You’re much too restless.

So I hold you.

Tomorrow you will be 19 months old.

I dance you to sleep for your nap every day, just like I did with your other siblings.

When you need me to hold you, I will always hold you. So you can rest. So you get what you need.

You are only 19 months old. You still need reassurance sometimes. You need comfort. You need to reconnect through touch, a cuddle, nursing.

You’re lying across my lap, ankles crossed, one hand behind your head and the other curled against my side. Your mouth is slightly open and your breathing is calm.

You needed more sleep but you needed me too help you. That’s why I’m here.

You need your rest so you can keep up with the others. So you can laugh and run and climb and play.

I’ll always hold you when you need it.

I love you, sweet Egan. 

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